Introducing: Anion Music

      What’s your name? Chris:  We produce under the name “The Watchers”.  I go by Champaigne Supernova.  Anion is the label and Space is the name of our private studio. Gerve:  My name is Junior Gerve, aka DJ Juni Maytrix. Where are you from? C:  I am from […]

Introducing: Andrew Adames

Andrew Adames “My name is Andrew Adames, I’m the designer of Quarter Water.  Quarter Water is basically a little quarter juice sold in a bodega, which is a corner store here in New York City.  The reason why my line is called Quarter Water is because I’m always about staying true […]

Introducing: Sam Herscher

Samuel L. Herscher Where are you from? Upper West Side, NYC How old are you? 24 What are some of your inspirations? Music, Art & Design   What’s something people don’t know about you? I am adopted What is a problem in today’s world you feel the strongest about? The […]