Introducing: George “The Gentleman” Arias

August 3, 2016

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So, can you start off by introducing yourself?

“Hmmm, my name is George Arias and I was born in San Francisco de Macoris in the Dominican Republic. I was born in December of 1991 and I’m a professional boxer.”

How exactly did you get into fighting?

“I got into boxing because I used to date this girl who lived by my gym – I just walked in to take a look and one thing led to another. I honestly wasn’t really that into boxing as much as I just liked the idea of it… but as I started appearing more, everyone in the gym thought I was really good. That made me like it.”

Wow, so boxing is relatively new for you. Did you keep active before somehow?

“Before boxing, I did taekwondo from 2003 – 2008 and even got my black belt. Then, I gave it up because I would have much rather been with my friends chillin’ after school. After that, all I did to keep in shape was occasional run, maybe 3 times a week but nothing crazy… until I started boxing.”

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What and who are some of your inspirations? What pushes you to reach your full potential in the ring?

“What inspires me is the fact that this is all I have… this is where I have invested all my time and energy. I’m pushed by the fact that since I can remember, I have been broke –this is a way out for me and my family. And my faith in Jesus Christ gives me the confidence to face anyone believing I can win.”

What is a problem in today’s world that you feel strongest about?

“I feel strongly about helping poor people or under privileged families mainly because I grew up like that. Since 2000, I was with my mom and sister in a shelter with no money. As a kid, that affected my confidence and how I thought people perceived me. I wouldn’t want a kid to grow up like that so I would really like to help poor kids to not feel like they just have to take what life gives them or feel less just because of how they grew up.”

What is one of your strongest childhood memories?

“By far, my fondest memories growing up were having Christmas at the shelter I lived at. They gave us tons of gifts and food… all that were way out of our budget. So much junk-food and gifts that I would have never had otherwise. For Christmas, being in a shelter was the best.”

Do you have a daily routine?

“My daily routine is usually boxing most of the day. Around midnight, I keep an hour for prayer and bible reading… then I go running.”

What comes to mind when you hear “Next Question”?

“When a reporter asks a celebrity a tough question and they’re trying to avoid it.”

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What is some of the best advice ever given to you?

“To trust God in everything I do and to seek him. He’ll take care of the rest.”

Arias shared with Next Question that “The Gentleman” was deemed his nick name because members at Morris Park Boxing Gym found it comical that he’d literally shake everyone’s hand in the gym before heading out each evening. Those closest to him at Morris Park really appreciate the positivity in George giving back to his community. As active in his church as he is with training, Arias serves as an example for all who aspire to make a difference for one-self, their loved ones, as well as society. Coming from a single-parent home, he became well acquainted with helping make ends meet for his family. Needless to say, Arias’ experiences from his modest beginnings inspire his determination to be great.

As mentioned him, George Arias is a “one boxer to keep an eye on.” The heavyweight holds a current record 5-0 with 3 of those wins by TKO. His last fight was on March 5th at the Paramount in Huntington, New York against an undefeated James Hammortree. Winning by unanimous decision on all three scoring cards of 40 -36, Arias ceased Hammortree’s perfect record all while making the most exciting fight of the night.

With facial features matching a resemblance to Muhammad Ali, a body frame of Mike Tyson, and fighting style similar to Joe Frazier, this fighter is breathing life back into the heavyweight division. The Gentleman brings an old-school swagger in the ring, creating some nostalgia for boxing fans who have watched him. With constant applied pressure onto his opponents, it’s clear to see that George has acquired the skill to persist until he is victorious –personally and in the ring.

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