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February 18, 2016

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What’s your name?

Chris:  We produce under the name “The Watchers”.  I go by Champaigne Supernova.  Anion is the label and Space is the name of our private studio.

Gerve:  My name is Junior Gerve, aka DJ Juni Maytrix.

Where are you from?

C:  I am from Norwich, CT and spent many years in New York and Miami.

G:  I was born in Haiti on May 29, 1981.  When I was eleven my father applied for permanent residency for me and my sister to move to the United States.  My father than resided in Brooklyn, New York


How old are you?

C:  34

G:  I am 34 years old.


What are some of your inspirations?

C:  It’s just the love of the music that inspires me.  The way people react to our records completely fascinates me.

G:  Most of my inspiration is from listening to mixtape djs on the radio that cross over into producers.  I started off a dj and I would find myself analyzing records produced by crossover djs.






What type of equipment do you use?

C:  In our private studio, we have an A class facility featuring Solid State Logic, Rupert Neve, Burr Brown and Avalon technologies.  Full pro tools hybrid analog setup complete with mpc renaissance, outboard synths, soft synths and plug ins from waves, api, ssl and others.



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What are some projects you have worked on?
C:  We have done records with major DJ’s such as DJ Kay Slay, DJ Whoo Kid amongst others and have worked with the likes of Havoc of Mobb Deep, Hussain Fatal of The Outlaws, Uncle Murda etc.  We are now working on our artist Artie Mays’ new project due out in early April and we are wrapping up a few more indie projects for F Gomez, M 80 and Buggs Papo.


What’s something people don’t know about you?

C:  Nobody knows that I’m deeply interested in climbing Mount Everest and that I love ancient alien theory.  People also don’t know that I’m a Fordham University graduate.

G:  I’m an artist.  I carve, design sculptures and paint.


What is a problem in today’s world you feel the strongest about?

C:  “EQUALITY”! color, gender and sexual preference.  We are all one breathing body of energy.  We could accomplish so much more if we are all united.

G:  One of the biggest problems I have is seeing people that are constantly disrespecting others.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
C:  Practice makes perfect.  My mother would emphasis that often.

G:  Best advice was given from me to myself that life is too short and don’t stress about the little things that I can’t control.


What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

C:  Saturday mornings in my house.  My father would play through hours of his 45’s and 33’s.  I remember just listening to all the different genres of music and being captivated by the sound and rhythms.

G:  I remember as a child that my father owned a Cadillac and on Sunday’s we would attend church and after we would visit some of our family for Sunday dinner.






Do you have a daily routine?

C:  Wake up, get little ones ready, and then i usually sit and see what needs to be done, both musically and personally.  I take the day to iron out what needs too be done and then at night, I put the little ones to sleep and I’m off to the space lab to work.

G:  My daily routine consist of getting up in the morning get dress for work get my kids ready for day care, after work I would make some music, spend time with my family and some how I would try to fit in gym time.


What comes to mind when you hear Next Question?

C:  When i hear “next question”, it makes me think of some type of survey. LOL. or some type of informative digest.  It begs me to ask the “next question.”

How did you hear about Next Question?

C:  I heard about Next Question through my artist Artie Mays.

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