Introducing: Amour

April 21, 2017

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Amour is a streetwear brand founded by brothers Rami & Taylor Dunham in 2015

How did Amour come into being?

R: Amour officially came about in 2015 between the two of us.  We had been plotting on starting a brand since we were young but one night we just decided the timing was right. I was in school for photography and minoring in film production that semester and moving abroad in a few months, while he was working as a financial advisor on the other side of the country, we were both in really weird positions to start the brand but we knew we just had to take that first leap to get things moving.

What type of fashion / music inspired you growing up?

T: We grew up really living between hip hop culture, skateboarding, and more traditional sports like basketball and football. N.E.R.D was definitely a huge influence, and kind of the culture that went with it, but also Wu- Tang and Blink 182.

R: So yeah with Taylor being 5 years older than me he was the one putting me on to all my music from a young age. To name a few more though Kanye, Jay obviously, old Lupe, Atmosphere, etc. Fashion wise though our earliest introduction to streetwear was probably Stussy, then BBC, then Bape. I mean once we saw Pharrell rock BBC in his video then found a place in Philly that actually sold it, it just became an obsession.

T: Yeah I remember watching the Frontin’ video the first time and just thinking I needed that BBC T-shirt.


What are some of your inspirations behind the brand?

T: Inspiration for us has really come from over a decade of just being heavily influenced by sports, music and fashion. Even artists who have passed before we were alive. Guys like Keith Haring and Basquiat have influenced us like Pharrell, Allen Iverson, and John Elliot.  So it’s just taking pieces of your life and kind of transforming that into a physical product.

R: Taylor has always been the big sports guy.  I definitely strayed more towards art from a young age but we legit take inspiration from anything. It could be an ad from an old magazine, music videos, photographs, movies without a doubt, books, graffiti, I mean the list goes on forever.


What sparked the transition from photography to fashion design?

R: Being completely honest my love for fashion, more specifically streetwear, has been there since before I even picked up a camera.  I found my moms old Canon 20D and started shooting around 7th or 8th grade.  I’ve been studying Photography for the past 4 years at Parsons but it took about 3 of them to realize that I wanted to use it as a tool to create something bigger; that being Amour.

What are your goals for launching the brand?

T: To build something bigger than clothing. To create a brand that people feel like they can relate to. One that promotes love for everyone, not just people within a certain subset.

R: For sure, the goal is to bring people together from all over the world and having this common thing you can bond with people over right off the bat. That’s whats always been tight about streetwear; I’ve met some of my best friends by one of us striking up a conversation about a piece we were wearing.


How has growing up between California & NYC shaped your sense of style?

R: So we grew up in South Jersey for a number of years then moved to North Carolina before either of us officially moved to NYC or Cali.  But honestly I feel like we picked up style from each spot we lived in in our own way.  I remember walking into my first day of 7th grade in NC with patent leather Bapes on and the other kids looked at me like I was fuckin’ crazy lmao so my style didn’t change that much city to city.  I started making Vans my go to when we moved to Cali, though.

T: Yeah the influence geographically has come from all over, but those two locations have had a huge influence in our personal style and direction of the brand since we’ve been going to both places before we lived there.  Going to Fairfax and La Brea in LA as a kid really opened our eyes to this culture as a whole, as much as going to SOHO and LES. We used to be these little kids hanging around Union or Alife just trying to be sponges and soak up everything we heard or saw. Without places like those, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


How important is collaboration in your process?

R: Coming to art school taught me how important collaboration is.  It’s a big part of our creative process whether its an artist we want to design something with or a model, a photographer, filmmaker, etc.  We’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of our friends on Amour thus far which has been awesome.

T: Collaboration is huge. Not just from the standpoint of getting other artists ideas, but other personalities, creative processes, and standpoints. Everyone comes into a project with different life experiences and shit, so being able to explore that is huge.


Where would you like to take Amour moving forward?

T: Shit, like big said, the sky is the limit right?

R: What he said.


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