What is The N Question? 

N? is a multimedia platform collaborating with emerging influencers. We provide a community where creative professionals can display their work and network together . N? is building bridges for influencers all around the world. N? strives to stimulate youth involvement that will enlighten and motivate our future leaders.

N? is based out of New York City, and was founded by:


Laurence Marsach


Matt Weiss


Gabriel Viloria


Orion Johnson


Rene German

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Fernando Gomez

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The N? is composed of individuals, but when together we are a collective aligned on the path of unity, love, and peace.  We seek the boundaries of our consciousness and embrace asking questions.  Building bonds and exchanging wealth through the wisdom of experience.  We provide a haven for the forward thinker, willing to challenge themselves above all else.  Anyone is invited:


We’re focused on working as a team with people from diverse backgrounds. Through our talented production team we’re collaborating with different creatives showing multiple perspectives. Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. We’re developing relationships with talents all over the world and building a unified network to promote progression. Using social media and online platforms along with daily inspiration to spread our message. We’re bridging new communities both in the streets and on the world wide web.


Question the answer



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We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.

Bill Richardson